About Me

Hey guys, I’m Lizzy, and I’m so glad you’ve stumbled across this little corner of the internet! I’d like to welcome you all to Elizabeth Anne!

So, I did say that my name was Lizzy, just a second ago, buuuut that’s actually a nickname. My real name is Elizabeth, but here on this blog, you can call me either.

Anywaysssss, I am a 14 year old girl with 2 brothers, a loving mother and father with a home in New York that we are blessed to be homeschooled in! My parents are also pastoring a small church in our community with great potential.

Here’s a picture with my family and I (I’m the girl all the way on the left)

Something pretty important things you should know about me is that I’m an Apostolic Pentecostal Christian, Senior Bible Quizzer, singer, and sometimes aspiring pianist.

But going back the blog. I started this blog in March of 2019 as a creative outlet, and to kinda of document my life. I’m so glad to say that is has quickly become much, much more!

Although I started this blog only with our new homeschool journey, it has morphed into many other things like: our family travels, my competitions, our new home, and pretty much anything a teen girl would do!

Adding blogging to my life has taught me a lot of lessons, one major one being time management. Overall its been so much fun, I’m really enjoying it thus far.

My goal is to reach teen girls, and anyone else who will listen with the gospel of Jesus, and be a ray of sunshine in this dark world.

I hope that on this blog, you will find the hopeful and encouraging message of the one God Jesus Christ life changing, and even be inspired to great things in your own lives with the help of Jesus!

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, take your time to look around 🙂 I hope you enjoy what you find. See you later!

8 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hey Abi Lyn! It’s so cool that you have friends who do Bible Quizzing! Maybe I’ll see them at my next competition! 😆 God bless you too. ❤️

  2. Hey Lizzy!!! I’m 13 too. And a Christian too. And a homeschooler too. And a blogger (obviously lol)! I’m so excited to read more on your blog! I have a few friends who do BQ! I’ve never known anyone outside of my friend group who did it! Anyway, I can’t wait to see everything you put on your blog! Best of luck and God bless!
    ❤ Abi Lyn

  3. hiyaa lizzyyy! i’m sarah. i just stumbled across your blog and i love it! definitely subscribing! (also, you’re so pretty).
    allow me to introduce myself. i’m a homeschooled, calvinist christian and a new blogger with a passion for music. i also love writing, drawing, photography and a bunch of other stuff that would take forever to list XD
    anywhoo, it’s nice to meet you! can’t wait to hear from you… your blog’s amazing and i’m really looking forward to future posts!

  4. Your blog looks amazing! I am also a Christian-homeschooled-teen-girl blogger, so its so cool to see more blogs out there like mine! 🙂

  5. Thank you so much, Cici! I’m excited to be on this journey with you as well! As new bloggers we have to stick together 😉. Thanks for your prayers, I wish the same for you! ☺️Oh really? Homeschooling IS very interesting, so hopefully you’ll enjoy hearing more about it! Thanks again so much!! ❤️

    P.S. Love your blog!!

  6. Yaaaaasss, girl AMEN, God is great. He is amazing! I’m a Christian as well and your blog is wonderful ❤😊 Welcome to the blogging world, Lizzy. I’m excited to be on this journey with you! I too just started my blog 2 weeks ago. Keep up the great work and I pray that you gain more followers and more recognition. I will be supporting you as well❤ Also, I am really interested in learning about your homeschooling life! I’ve never known anybody who gets homeschooled, so I will be learning something new from you ☺

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