Hey guys! Welcome to day 16 of Blogmas! Today, I thought it’d be fun if I showed you guys what I’m asking for this Christmas. So let’s get into it!

What I want for Christmas

Appearing very high on the list of things I want for Christmas is a bike. When my family and I moved, the bikes were left behind because they couldn’t fit in the pods. Getting a new bike for Christmas would be awesome!!

Guys, this would probably be one of the things I NEED for Christmas. Last year, when I was running in to my piano lessons, I dropped my phone. It cracked really badly and eventually, it started getting black splotches on the screen. Basically, my phone was unusable. Thankfully however, my parents graciously got me a new one a couple months ago, but every time I drop it, it is very stressful. So, that’s why I NEED a screen protector. 😀

A diary. At first, I asked for it, because after reading the Diary of Anne Frank, I thought that (just maybe) one day I could get famous, XD. The truth is, I also love writing and chronicling – thus this blog. But it’s also so rewarding to snuggle up with a traditional diary and be completely transparent with myself.

I asked for an electric toothbrush for Christmas because… well, why not? XD

Honestly, I want these Beats so much I actually feel that I need it. I know they’re pretty expensive, but they’ll last a very long time. And I need headphones anyways for school so why not get the best? We’ll see what my parents think of this reasoning, lol! I’ll report back after Christmas 🙂

And finally, the last thing I would really appreciate this Christmas, is this poetry book. It was written by my favorite YouTuber, Annie Rose. Basically, I heard her read one poem at her TedX talk, and I knew I needed to read the whole thing.

So that’s all for Blogmas Day 16! What do you guys want for Christmas? Do you want any of the same things I do? I’d love to hear from you in the comments! Stay tuned for Blogmas day 17, but until then, Merry Christmas!!

5 thoughts on “MY CHRISTMAS WISHLIST 2019-25 DAYS OF BLOGMAS 2019|DAY 16

  1. I like this post! You want nice things for Christmas, Lizzy Lol. What I want for Christmas is my degree and my dream vacations to Barbados and Trinidad😂 On Christmas Day, I expect to see tickets to my vacations and my degree from Santa right in my stocking lol.

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