25 DAYS OF BLOGMAS 2019|DAYS 13, 14, +15 (Sorry for not posting!)

Hey guys!

I’m back at last! I am so, so, SO sorry for not posting these last few days. Honestly, I don’t know how I allowed that to happen. For today’s post, I’ll try to make up for the days that I missed. So, let’s get into it!

Days 13, 14, +15

Let’s start with day 13, which was Friday. For most of the day I read my book, The Boy in the Striped Pajamas. It’s very interesting, and though I still haven’t finished it, I got pretty far along on Friday. Then I had to prepare Christmas songs for our Youth Group to practice at service on Friday night.

On Friday, I also worked on my hand made Christmas cards! So there’s the Christmas related stuff that I promised! πŸ˜‰ My card (the one with the gift boxes) is not perfect, but so far I think it looks pretty good.

My little brother, Joel, made the Christmas tree card. I made the gift box card.

Around 6pm on Friday, my family and I left for Youth Service. Afterwards, we ordered some pizza for dinner and watched Heroes of the Faith. I love that Pureflix series SO much! You should totally check it out, very uplifting!

Now, onto day 14, Saturday. There was no early morning prayer at church that day. So after doing a few chores in the morning, the contractor, who is working on our guest bathroom, pulled up at our house in his pick-up truck with his wife. I thought it strange that his wife accompanied him, but she is from our church, and a good friend of my mom. So I guess it’s not so strange.

While they were at our house, I went to Joel’s basketball game, which he won, and then to Jonny’s, which he lost in overtime. I can’t wait till both of my brothers win their games on the same day!

And now for today, Sunday. Church day. Today’s service was literally AwEsOmE!! The praise and worship was pretty good, and the message best of all, was short and spicy!

During fellowship afterwards, a lady from the church we’re renting invited my family and I to attend their Christmas concert. At first, we had no intentions of going, but after getting in my pajamas, it was decided that we’d go to support them. So then, I had to get dressed AGAIN and go to a concert. I’m very glad we went though. The singing was amazing!

So that’s it for today you guys! Again, I’m very sorry for not posting sooner. I’ll try really hard to not let that happen again. I’ll see you all tomorrow, but until then, Merry Christmas!!

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