Hey guys!

How was your day? Good? Awsome! Today my Grandma came for a visit… on her birthday! So, let’s get into this post.

Day 12

This morning when I woke up, the moon was still out LOL 😂. I’m not even joking when I say that. But, even though it was still practically nighttime, I had to study my verses for Bible Quizzing.

After I finished my quizzing work, I fell right back to sleep. A little later as I was having some breakfast, my Grandma’s car pulled up in the driveway! 😆

Today was Grandma’s birthday! When she first arrived, we greeted her with a hug, and straightaway got to doing chores. My grandma loves to cook when she visits, so the kitchen had to be in mint condition.

Grandma cooked, we ate, hung out, and had a really great day with her.

Sadly, after Grandma had sold some bows for her sister to my mom’s friend, it was time for her to leave. I begged her to spend the night, but, with work in the morning, she wasn’t able to stay. I’m really looking forward to seeing my Grandma again on Christmas!

So that’s all for today guys! Tomorrow, I’ll post pictures of our handmade Christmas cards. But until then, Merry Christmas!!!

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