Hey guys!

Today I’d say was a pretty productive day. Only 16 days till ChRiStMaS!!!

Day 9

This morning I woke up to have my devotions and breakfast. On the menu for breakfast for today was Eggo waffles, one of my favorite breakfast foods. I love those waffles so much *looking at Eggos with dreamy eyes*

After breakfast, my 2 brothers went outside to play basketball, but my mom and I hung out inside. Though I did not go out today, it was actually pretty nice weather!

My brothers came in from outside and freshened up to go to club fit. My Mom’s friend from our church had offered to take them to play basketball at the gym. Of course, my brothers were psyched and hurriedly got ready to go.

When my brothers left, it was just my mom and me again. We got some work done and watched a Christmas movie for a break after we had finished taking care of some things.

My brothers and my dad eventually came home so we made dinner, and then Jonny was off again, this time to his basketball practice.

And that’s pretty much it for the day guys! Yeah, I hope you guys enjoyed! If you did, let me know what you think of Blogmas so far in the comments! I’ll see you all tomorrow, but until then, Merry Christmas!

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