25 DAYS OF BLOGMAS 2019|DAY 7 (Basketball Games and Christmas parades)

Hey guys!

How was your day? Good? That’s great! Today was a pretty loaded day for me, so let’s get straight into the post!

Day 7

Today started off with our weekly Saturday morning prayer at the church. It was a very powerful session and the presence of God was definitely felt.

After prayer, my family and I went to McDonalds to get some McGriddles and hot chocolate for breakfast. Anybody else a serious McGriddle fan? Yum.

We came home after eating breakfast to get some work done. But, there’s nothing very exciting about that so I won’t get into details.

Soon after finishing up some work, my family and I went to my brothers’ first basketball games of the season! I watched Jonny’s game with my Dad while my Mom watched Joel’s game. Sadly, both games were at the same time so I couldn’t watch both my brothers play.

Jonny won his game today against a really tough team, which we’re very excited about! Sadly though, Joel lost his. He’s really good though, so hopefully his team will win next time.

Here’s Jonny’s team getting ready for the jump-ball

We came home right after the games to get ready for the Christmas parade and tree lighting in our town! We’ve never actually gone before so my brothers and I were really excited for the opportunity.

It took us about 15 minutes to get there and we had to walk a long way after we parked, but it was totally worth it. The parade was amazing!!

When the parade was almost done, my Dad got pretty cold so we went to the car to warm up for 20 minutes. We got out the car to go see the tree lighting, only to find out that we had missed it! I was really disappointed, but the amazingness of the parade was definitely enough to make up for it.

Thanks for reading today’s post guys! I really hope you enjoyed! If you did, be sure to leave a like and follow this blog for more posts like these. I’ll see you all tomorrow, but until then, Merry Christmas!

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