Hey guys!

It is time for Day 3 of Blogmas 2019! I’ve been loving doing these posts, so let’s get right into today’s post!

Day 3

I woke up at 5:30 a.m this morning guys. I was SO TIRED. It would help if I went to bed a little earlier, but that doesn’t always work out for me. XD

After praying, reading my bible, brushing my teeth etc. I got to studying for a science exam that I had for today. I ended up taking the exam quiet early in the morning and got a pretty good grade. If I didn’t study right before taking it, who knows how I would have done! LOL!

As soon as I finished the exam, my mom comes in my room and tells me to go shovel the driveway with my brother. So here I am now shoveling snow for the first time. When I was younger, I used to “help” my dad shovel, but I was really just playing in the snow.

Shoveling was an interesting experience. For now, let’s just say that I’m used to indoor chores. 😉

I started with school as soon as I came got back from shoveling just to get it over with. By the time I finished my first class, my mom had finished making breakfast, so I took a “breakfast break” and finished up the rest of my classes after I finished eating.

After school, I finished up some homework and made lunch. I forgot to take pictures of our food today, sorry! I promise it was really good though! 😋

Honestly, after eating lunch today, with no more school on my schedule, I pretty much watched YouTube, did my laundry, exercised, and helped out with dinner, but that’s about it. I did make cookies though! I worked on those before dinner so we could have ’em for dessert!

mmm chocolate chip!

So that’s about it for today guys! Tomorrow I’m gonna try really hard to finish the cards I blogged about on Day 1. Also, almost everyone in my family has bought all their gifts already besides me. 😬 I’m gonna try to order the gifts tomorrow so they won’t come on Christmas Eve LOL. We also got a little decorating done today! I’ll give you all a full tour when we’re all done.

Our china cabinet is a little crowded, lol!

Anyways, I’ll see you tomorrow guys, but until then, Merry Christmas!!

9 thoughts on “25 DAYS OF BLOGMAS 2019|DAY 3

  1. Hi Lizzy! I really like how you are doing this whole Blogmas thing, its really cool! I can’t believe how close Christmas is getting! Ooh, I love those gorgeous decorations! I bet those cards are going to turn out beautifully! ; D

  2. Very fun!! I’ve got two exams tomorrow as well; history and a science exam. Not really looking forward to it; usually I get a good grade, but this is my mid-term semester exam, so I’m interested to see how it turns out. I’m the same way, too; if I don’t study right before the test my brain forgets everything! 🙂 Merry Christmas!

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