Hey guys!

It’s summer guys!!! And during this time of year, it’s pretty easy to get bored, right? I don’t know about you, but I feel like once school’s out there’s like, absolutely nothing to do. That’s why I decided to do this post. I hope to help someone suffering from boredom before it’s too late 🙂

Thank you so much, Akshya for suggesting this post! If you all would like to see a specific post in the future, feel free to contact me or leave a comment on this one.

Also guys, really quickly before I start, I’d just like to thank Ariana over at Ariana’s Archives for creating an AmAzInG blog button for this page. If you guys need any help with designs, setting up websites, blog buttons and more, go to her business Miss Design! She also has another business called Miss Crafter that she just released new items on. So be sure to check it out right after reading today’s post!

OK, I know that you guys are probably reading this blog solely BECAUSE you are bored, so I’m not gonna keep you waiting any longer. Here’s the list:

♥Text/Call a friend

♥Work on future blog posts

♥Watch YouTube

♥Get outside!

♥Add to your online shopping cart

♥Figure out a puzzle

♥Play board games

♥Surf the web

♥Create a new playlist

♥Write, write, WRITE!!–I personally love, poetry, and fictional stories!

♥Do Chores

♥Have a conversation with Siri XD

♥Do a DIY

♥Eat a snack’

♥Cook or bake!

♥Catch up on the news


♥Search the app store

♥Find cute wallpapers for your phone or computer

♥Try to break a record

♥Find new blogs to follow


♥Paint or Draw!

♥Do Summer activities (I’m sure you have some favorites you can think ;))

♥Find ways to make money (’cause why not?) 💰💵

♥Become an expert at a topic! (Study & Read up on something you find interesting)

♥Take pictures of random stuff (you’re bored, right?)

♥Volunteer somewhere


So that’s the end of the list of things to do when you’re bored! Did I miss something fun! What do you guys do when you’re bored in summer? I’d love to hear from you! Remember guys, go check out Ariana’s businesses, Miss Design, and Miss Crafter at her blog! Thanks so much for reading and until Thursday, stay smart!!😎👌


  1. Sure! So what you do is, you “highlight” the blog name with the curser, and this little link thingy should pop up above it. You click the link sign and add the URL of the blog you want to link in the provided space. And that’s about it! I’m not so sure I explained that well, so please tell me if I can be a bit more clear XD! ❤️

  2. Hey, just a quick question, but when I make this post on the award, how to I make it to where when people click on my nominees names, it will take them to their blog? I have absolutely no idea how to do that stuff.

  3. Me too! I use my computer for school and blogging as well. Oh that’s nice! I’m stuck with just my phone and computer, LOL! ❤️

  4. Ive recently been trying to get a device to use for just blogging. (This computer I use for school as well.) There is actually an old kindle fire that I had when I was little. Might start using that too!

  5. Hi Hailey! I saw! I was so excited to hear from you. I responded a couple minutes after you sent. I was wondering if you got it because you didn’t respond I guess I forgot to hit send 😅. So sorry, I’ll send it now! ❤️

  6. Hey Lizzy! Just wanted to comment on this. I don’t know if you’ve seen it already, but I contacted you a couple days ago. It’d be great if you could get back to me on that! Until then!

  7. Thanks Kenechi! Yeah, Siri can say some pretty funny things at times XD. Yes, I have changed my theme again, but thanks!

  8. Thanks, Kaelyn! Oh cool! I’m actually planning on volunteering at a library, hopefully in the near future. Looks like you don’t get too bored in summer XD! Thanks for commenting ❤️

  9. Those are great suggestions!! I like to be outside, hang out with friends, swim, write, blog, read blogs, and read books, and volunteering at the library is what I normally do during the long summer days. 🙂

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