NYMD District Conference Blog!-Part 1

Hey guys!

Day one of NYMD district conference was a blast and I’m so excited to share it with you all! So here we go 😜

The first service started on Thursday night. We met up with a few saints at church and left soon after in the church van to kick off the start of this awesome convention!!

The traffic to long island was crazy! You guessed it, yes, we were late… AGAIN.

When we finally got to the conference, it was just in time for praise and worship which, as usual, was AMAZING. The song leader was anointed and sung so beautifully. I know guys, I always rave about praise and worship, but this time I’m serious, it was the BEST EVER.

For the message part of the service, the SoCal (Southern California) district’s superintendent preached a message about “The Open Door”, it was truly a blessing and just what we needed to hear from the Lord at that moment.

The man on the far left is the pracher

Since we had people from the church with us, we didn’t end up staying at the hotel but started back to NY after service was dismissed. What was nice though was, we decided to stop at BURGER KING!!!

I ordered my usual travel meal (I only eat fast food when we travel) , spicy crispy chicken with french fries and Sprite.–if you guys didn’t know, I love spice.–We then drove to church to drop everyone to their cars, and then home. Wow, what a loaded night we had!

Thanks everyone for reading this blog! Remember if you enjoyed to leave a like, a comment and subscribe. Also, stay tuned for tomorrow’s part 2! Until then, stay smart!! πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘Œ

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