Nonessential Vacation Essentials!

Hey guys! 👋

Almost everyone I know is already out of school for summer vacation. And what do most of us do over the summer? Travel!!!

But of course with going away for summer vacation comes the dreaded… PACKING. You know that horrible feeling you get when you have everything checked off of your list, but somehow you still feel that something is missing? Yeah, you’re not alone.

OK, so you’ve finally convinced yourself that you are in fact done packing and you’re not forgetting anything. However, there’s still plenty of room in your bag for those… NONESSENTIAL ESSENTIALS!!!! Soooo… what to bring…what to bring…

Let me help you out with that:

This is actually the exact portable charger I have

♥Portable Charger: Having a portable charger on vacation is THE BEST THING you can have. If you’re on the plane in or the car, you’re bored, you want to play games, but your phone is almost dead. Whalla! Your problem is fixed, you have a portable charger!!!

♥Headphones/Earbuds: I am a serious music fanatic and will listen to music anywhere. But, sometimes people don’t want to listen to music with me –can you believe that?! If you’re like me and want to listen to your music wherever you are, just whip out your headphones or earbuds and now everyone’s happy! 😌

♥Rubik’s Cube: This might not be as fun for someone else as it is for me, but I LOVE MY RUBIK’S CUBE!!! I learned how to solve it while on Christmas vacation in the fifth grade. That day I made up in my mind that my day wouldn’t end ’till I learned how to solve it. And I did! Ever since then I’ve taken it on pretty much every trip we go on! However, if you don’t know how to solve a Rubik’s cube, you can always bring a fidget spinner or some other small gadget to keep your hands occupied.

♥Extra phone case: Okay so this idea literally just popped into my head XD! But really, in all seriousness, it would be nice to bring an extra case just in case (no pun intended) your current one breaks, or you want one to match your outfit!

♥A good book: You never know when your flight will be delayed when you’re traveling by plane. One day on our way back from Missouri we had an overnight layover!! Hopefully, yours, if you have one, will only be for a couple hours, but that’s the perfect time to pull out a good book, relax, and just read.

♥Anything else: I know people are very different, and some things that I would pack, might not interest others so much. So, if some of these things just aren’t you, or you would prefer to fill the rest of your suitcase with different stuff, go for it!!

Thanks everyone for reading today’s post! Which item on this list would you take with you on vacation? Please leave a comment! Remember, if you guys enjoyed, be sure to leave a like and subscribe for more posts like this! Love you guys so much and until next Tuesday, stay smart! 😎👌

12 thoughts on “Nonessential Vacation Essentials!

  1. Thanks, Ariana! Yeah, Rubik’s cubes can be kinda difficult to figure out. Wow, that must’ve been a long trip to read the entire book! 😄 Thanks for commenting!! ❤️

  2. Ooh, great list! I love Rubix Cube’s but I can never figure them out. 😂 One time my mother and I were on a road trip and we brought a bok and read the entire thing. 😁

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