🤩Summer Bucket List!😎

Hey guys, welcome back to my blog! So glad you could make it today!

Summer is just getting closer and closer as the days go by, am I right? I am personally super excited… although I have no summer vacation 😭😭. But anyways, for today’s post I thought I’d share my summer bucket list for this year with you! I’ve seen a lot of these going around on blogs, so I wanted to try it.

So let’s get into it!!


Finish my lessons: This is the NUMBER ONE THING ON MY BUCKET LIST because if I don’t finish my lessons, I can’t start 10th grade! *shudders*

Work on science project: My science project is a very important thing I have to work on for this year, so yeah! Gotta get that done as well.

Read more often: I’m going to be really honest with you guys. For being an “A+ Girl”, I haven’t been very good with keeping up with my reading. I used to read so much my Dad would have to check to make sure I wasn’t reading all night! But now, I’ve been studying so hard for BQ competitions that I haven’t been able to commit much time to reading. I plan to change that this summer.


Purchase a domain: Purchasing a domain would be so amazing, because I could get so many new features and customize my site the way I like!

Figure out a permanent theme: If you’ve been on my blog for a while, you have probably seen that I like to switch up my themes. This is really good because I have an idea in my head and I’m trying to bring it to life. Finding a permanent theme this summer would feel like a victory.

Purchase a new camera: I am literally not even joking when I say this. To take pictures I have been using my mom’s phone. MY MOM’S!!! It actually takes pretty good pictures, but using a camera would take much better pictures and look much more professional.😉


Buy a new phone: My phone is horrible, but that’s really my fault. One day I was running late for piano lessons, rushed out the car and dropped my phone on the concrete, oops! 😯So now the entire screen is cracked. On top of that, it recently started leaking ink. So yeah, a new phone is a must.

Get back on track with piano: I am not at all a professional. AT ALL. But I do really enjoy playing the piano. I have been taking a break but would really like to go back in full force this summer!

Work on my singing: I love singing. Like, REEEEALLY love singing. Once again, I am NOT a professional but I’m working to improve my voice and plan to continue doing that this summer. My brothers might not be happy about my constant singing but…they’ll just have to deal with it. 😈*diabolical laughs*


Volunteer at Kumon: Kumon, in case you guys didn’t know, is an educational program that tutors kids in mathematics and reading. Kumon also gives homework help. Since I’m doing pretty good in school (thank God), working here would be great. Especially because I’ve heard that colleges love volunteers.

Start jogging: From one of my previous posts, I mentioned that my Mom, my brothers and I go walking every morning… when there’s good weather. Soon I’m hoping to get so physically active that I can jog the entire span of the park. That would be awesome!

Write every day: Yes, I do write for my blog, but I was writing a story the other day and there were so many ideas just pouring out of my head onto the paper. The only word to explain it was, Magical.

Paint my room: Because who doesn’t love a freshly painted room? Since we moved into this new house in January, I’ve been planning to paint and decorate my new room. I really hope to start this summer and maybe even get it done. The reveal would be a fun blog post with lots of pictures!

I’m pretty sure that I’m leaving out a bunch of stuff, but I’ll let you guys know in different posts what else I want to complete!

Sorry this post was so long but thanks everyone reading! What’s on your summer bucket list? I’d love, love, LOVE to hear from you guys in the comments! Real quickly before you go, be sure to leave a like, subscribe, and share! I gotta get started on some of these goals, so until Thursday, stay smart! 😎👌

13 thoughts on “🤩Summer Bucket List!😎

  1. Thanks, Ariana! Omg I would love your help so much!! 😆 Yeah, painting your bedroom could be pretty easy to put off, LOL. Wow! We’re going in the same grade!! Thanks for commenting, Ariana!! ❤️

  2. That is a super awesome list, girl! I can help with the design if you want, (I have a graphic design business called Miss Design!) Also, I need to paint my room. XD. I still haven’t! And I’m going into the 10-11th grade as well!

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