Morning Walks

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But now, for the actual post, let’s go!

So a new thing that my mom has been doing with us kids (excluding Joel, my little brother), is taking us for walks at the state park every morning before we start our school day. I know right, our day is just bursting at the seams.

Here’s how it usually goes down; every morning after my brother John and I finish studying our Bible Quizzing and having our devotion, we freshen up, get dressed, and drive to the park with our mom. We try really hard to leave the house at 6:10 a.m, but sometimes getting ready takes a little longer than we planned… if you know what I mean.

The drive to the state park is a quiet and peaceful. Gazing at the empty roads so early in the morning while most people are still in bed on our 5 minute trip is very satisfying. Everything is calm, and plus for some reason I love being in the car for about that amount of time. More than that I get uncomfortable, less than that and I’m thinking can we just walk? Kinda weird right? Well I guess that’s just my little quirk.

Once we get to the park, my mom drops John and I off at the bottom of the hill, then she drives to the parking lot. She wants to make sure that John and I are getting a good workout so she likes it when we climb back up the hill to the parking lot where she’s stretching and waiting for us. She doesn’t want us slacking off. LOL!!! (We’re hoping that mom will begin climbing the hill with us soon.)

The park early in the morning

So here we are walking in the park. Today for the first time we walked the entire park, but everyday we have been walking to the second of two green security gates. which we estimate is about half a mile from where we park our car, then we walk another half mile back to our car. 1 mile every morning! Honestly, that sounds better than it feels in real life.

Yes I ‘m walking in a long denim skirt, LOL!! But don’t worry, my Mom is making me an exercise skirt as you read.

The walk back from the green gate is a long perilous one. Well… maybe not perilous, but, it’s pretty long and tiring. And yet, I love waking up early in the morning to exercise with my Mom and bother, I mean brother, hehe.

It’s so refreshing to gaze at green, full trees and inhale the crisp, clean air along the path we’re slowly walking, easing our way back to the lot. The morning walks we take are just, so beautiful. And I love it. 💕

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