Summer school…. Yes, you read that right

Hi Guys! I’m back today with another post!! Thanks for coming to my blog today!

In my last post, District Practice, I mentioned having some sort of posting schedule. So, I have finally decided on posting on Tuesdays and Thursdays at around 3 in the afternoon. I hereby promise to uphold the schedule to the best of my ability (and if not to face the full punishment of my self inflicted guilt. He-he☺had to put that in). And hey, maybe if twice a week isn’t enough in the future, we can upgrade to three times!

But, enough about posting, let’s get into it!!

My heart is heavy to the point of breaking. My soul feels like it’s sinking to the depths of depression. πŸ˜” Reading the title, you probably guessed why. Our mother has us sentenced to……SUMMER SCHOOL. 😭😭😭

***PS, I know this is probably going to be the saddest post you’ve ever read, but dear friends, don’t cry for us, we’ll make it through….I hope***

Now, before you guys start thinking that I failed all my classes and I have to do summer school to make everything up… Please do not let that thought even enter your head, LOL!!!

We started school in using our Classical curriculum, then we decided to switch our homeschool curriculum to Abeka when we sold our old house in the fall of last year. While waiting to close on our current house, we were living all over the place in AIRBNBs, and hotels. We had just ordered our Abeka materials for the school year after we moved, but that took a couple weeks to come. (Also, it was around the holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas)

So believe it or not, in January we’re still in the single digit lessons. This creates a problem because by taking a summer vacation, it would be impossible to catch up and break this cycle of being months behind. We would end up continuing the same schedule into the next school year.

Since extreme problems require extreme solutions, our conclusion was, NO SUMMER VACATION.

I honestly don’t know how we’re going to do it considering how much we travel, especially during the summer time, but as mom always says, “You can do whatever you put your mind to!”

Thanks for reading today’s post about how we’ll be tortured all summer… maybe that’s a little extreme but, it will sure hurt..

Comment if you’re homeschooled year round, or have to do summer school! Also like and subscribe to this blog! See ya’ll next Tuesday so until then, stay smart! πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘Œ

***PS I’ll try to put the posting schedule somewhere on my site so that if you ever forget when I’ll be hitting publish next, you can find it right there! Or, you can subscribe and receive notifications and make me very happy by doing so! (Preferred method, LOL πŸ˜‚) Thanks again for coming, bye!!***

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