My Musical Side

Hi guys! Thanks for coming to my blog today! Glad you could make it!

So something you guys may not know about me, is that I play the piano. I don’t really consider myself a professional AT ALL, but I do read and play notes and play a few chords when playing for church.😉

Yes, I played for church too. Keyword here is: PLAYED. It’s been a while since I actually played gospel, my music teacher Mr. Tad (that’s an abbreviation, his name has like ten letters) has been teaching me only classical, but I do plan on returning to gospel in the very near future.

However, because I wasn’t playing in church anymore, the keyboard became a toy for all of the bus kids to play on when they came to church. Seeing this, my Dad put it into the storage closet. And that’s where my Mom and I came in.

Our current piano

It is such a great keyboard that we couldn’t just leave it in a closet! So my Mom and I asked Dad if we could put it in my room. I was nervous because we already have our old piano that needs tuning in the living room. But amazingly, he said yes!!! 😆

So now, that’s where the keyboard is, in my bedroom in the nice little “music corner” that we created.

My Clarinet’s also in the music corner

Since I absolutely adore singing and praise and worship, I decided to use this keyboard for writing music. The piano in the living room will be for practicing my classical. I’m so excited!!!! (Especially for the writing music part 😜)

Putting this new keyboard in my room has been so fun for me! Do you love music? Are you looking to write a new song too? Leave a comment! Also be sure to like and subscribe! Thanks for joining me today and remember to stay smart!😎👌

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