Easy yet thoughtful gifts for Mother’s Day-2019

Hey ya’ll welcome back to my blog! So glad you could make it today.

So Mother’s Day is coming up on Sunday! I’m sure all mother’s are very excited for that. And hopefully the kids and fathers are too. (They’re the ones giving the gifts)

However, maybe for some of you the very thought of Mother’s Day makes you cringe. Why? Because you haven’t figured out what to get for your mom!! You need ideas!

Hope is not lost! Although it’s only two days until Mother’s Day (procrastinators I got your back ;)), you can still purchase (or make) some of these easy, yet thoughtful gifts that every mom will love. I’m sure right now you’re bubbling with excitement to hear what they are, so let’s get started!


Now this might seem kind of obvious, but I have not yet met a mom who does not like flowers. I’m not even an adult and I love them! 😍 The beautiful scent, the gorgeous colors, the perfect silhouette, and the thought behind this gift will definitely make mom smile.


I’m pretty sure that all moms love coffee, or tea depending on where they’re from. Just something hot and tasty to unwind with. So what better gift to get her than her very own mug to drink it from? Also instead of opting for a regular one, why not get a funny customized messages on it from places like Etsy?


What if mom loves coffee and needs a new coffee maker? That’s where you come in like a superhero with the perfect gift to prove your love and appreciation for mom. Hey, after all even moms need rescuing once in a while.


It may be that cards, and flowers are your go-to gift every Mother’s Day, but you can really make this one special by, I dunno… making it! Making one from scratch will show your mom that you truly care and are willing to take time to make something special for her. (It might also be nice to slip a little something inside, if you know what I mean 😉) But, if you’re reading this exactly on Mother’s Day, on the way to her house, you can pick one up from CVS or something.😂

P.S. I don’t mean to laugh friends, but Procrastination is never good


Yes, mothers do get tired sometimes. Whether coming home late from work and crashing into bed, or lounging in the sofa on a Saturday morning, a nice comfy blanket to cuddle with would bring much comfort.


Who doesn’t love a beautiful watch that you don’t have to buy for yourself? *crickets* yeah, I thought so. Yes, I know what you’re thinking. Watches can get pretty pricey but maybe it can be a longtime thing and you can save up. Just a thought.


This might be the first blog post you’ve seen with a suggestion for a key chain, but think about it; First of all if your’re my age and not working yet, inexpensive but thoughtful gifts are the way to go. Besides Mom is using her keys all the time and probably keeps them with her all day too. So having a nice message on her key chain could really keep her going. Not to mention, they are pretty cute, in my opinion. 😜


Thanks for reading today’s post on 6 ideas for gifts this mother’s day! I actually got one of these for my mom. Comment and let me know which one you think it is and which idea you think is the best fit for your mom. Also, please remember to subscribe and like! And until next time, stay smart!!😎👌

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