Homeschooled with Homework

Hello all! Welcome back to my blog!

Today we are officially on topic (since this is a homeschool blog) talking about homework in homeschool! So let’s get started!

I honestly think that the number one question I get about being homeschooled is, “Do you get homework?” My answer is always, “Yes, we do, it’s just like regular school.” And then the person I’m speaking with says, “But how do you get homework when you’re already home?”

Well, that actually might need a little more explanation. So I guess because I’m home it might seem like every work I do for school is homework, but, not really.

Although I am homeschooled, I don’t have to do school only at home 🙂 Technically, anywhere there’s a computer and internet connection, can be school. Actually, even in the absence of those! We’re constantly learning everywhere we go.

But how does homework work for a homeschooler? you may ask. Well, after I do my lessons, I write down my assignments in my homework assignment pad. After I finish school and lunch around 1:00, I do my homework checking off each class as it’s completed. Simple, right? Well, kinda.

Although I am homeschooled, my homework still includes studying for tests, reading, doing book reports, and even science fair projects! I guess high school is the same for everyone, wherever you do school. It’s just life.

This is my story

Thanks for reading today’s post about how even homeschooled kids like me have homework like any high-schooler!

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