Purchasing my first Wallet

Hello guys, welcome or welcome back to my blog! I thought it would be fun to drop in today and share something special with you.

I GOT MY OWN BANK CARD!!!!!!! I’ve actually had it for a couple of days now, but I wanted to actually use it to order something before I told everyone (I guess I wanted to make sure it worked, lol). So I turned thirteen, and that’s how old you have to be in order to open a checking account. That was one of my parents’ gift to me on my thirteenth birthday.

Using my BRAND NEW bank card, I made my first purchase off Amazon. My very own wallet! I think this is actually my first time using my OWN money to buy something online. Wow, that’s a milestone that should make my parents very happy, LOL! 😂

This is the packaging that my wallet came in

I was so excited opening it up, I took plenty of pictures for you guys! Also, the packaging was very nice and I wanted to remember it.

It is un-boxed!! As you can see, I put my new bank card inside.

Of course I plan to make only smart purchases, if I purchase anything at all. There’s just something satisfying about saving. I enjoy it.

Thanks so much for sharing in my excitement today as I un-boxed my first purchase off amazon with my own money. Please like, subscribe, and leave a comment! And as always, stay smart. 😎👌

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