Holiday Youth Convention 2019

Hey ya’ll! I am back!! I’m so sorry for not posting earlier this week. School’s been keeping me pretty busy and I had a lot of tests to study for. Thankfully though, those are done (I did really well for all you smart people who are wondering) and now I’m ready to do another post.

Also, if you’ve been here before, you might have noticed that I changed my blog name. Yes I did, to my first and middle name. I did it because I realized that my previous name had everything to do with school and nothing to do with my blog, so I changed it. But, my URL is the same; however, I do plan on changing it to something that matches my title when I get a premium plan. OK, back to the post.

So last night we went to HYC 2019. Although we only went to the last night of this conference, my family and I, as well as a few people from our youth group, thoroughly enjoyed it… Well at least I did.

This year the convention was held in the Marriott hotel in Long Island, so we had a pretty long drive. On our way there the music in the church van was playing, and that made the ride a little more tolerable.

It took us about 1 1/2 hours to get there, boy were we happy to stretch when we finally arrived!

HYC though. WOW! The leader of the general youth division preach a powerful message entitled “I am anointed”. Also, the praise and worship… yes, you know what I’m going to say, was Awesome!!!

The praise breaks were especially fun. Everyone in the building was on their feet dancing and shouting! (We were a little late so we did miss most of it unfortunately)

Sadly, we had to leave at 10 o’clock because we had school in the morning. We stopped at Wendy’s to get some food before we started home.

This is me sitting in the hotel lobby before we left for food

Now this part of the trip was extremely chaotic because when you have 9 people in a van shouting at the lady taking your orders what you want, things can get a little out of hand.

Surprisingly though, the lady got all of our orders correctly. But then, how did we know who’s food was who’s?

First starting with the drinks, I ordered seltzer water when a lot of other people in the backseat ordered sprite. These two look EXACTLY THE SAME!!! So there was some mix-up and then the boy who got my seltzer water said that he got seltzer water. We weren’t sure, so his big brother tried it, and it was my seltzer water. But then I wasn’t about to drink from two boys who aren’t in my family, so my Dad sent it back and got another one. But the lady put it IN THE SAME CUP! But, I was literally so thirsty I didn’t care so I, *cough*, drank it.

For the meal I ordered a spicy crispy chicken sandwich. Finally when we couldn’t find it, my mom finally bit into it and there was my sandwich!! But since I was looking forward to the spice and the crispyness (if that’s a word), we switched sandwiches. Thanks mom.

The ride home was a longgggggg ride. After dropping everyone off, by the time we reached our house it was after one in the morning. And yes, we have school today, but thankfully we get a late start.

Although the ride was long, and we had to leave early, and my seltzer water was drunken, and the food got mixed up, I can’t wait for our next road trip to HYC!

Please like this post if you found it interesting and follow this blog. That’s it for now, but remember, Stay Smart!

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