Studying my 300th Bible Verse

Drum roll please: Let it be known in history, that on this day April 17, 2019, Elizabeth Nelson studied her 300th verse in a single BQ season.

OK, now let me say that again… this time not in old English: Today, for the first time ever, I studied 300 verses in a single Bible Quizzing season!!!

I’m not sure if I said this before, but this is my first year quizzing in the Intermediate Division. Meaning that now I have to study 427 verses for the year, as opposed to the 230 verses per year I was used to in the Junior division. That’s a lot more studying! Four verses every day! It’s definitely more work but I’m learning to love this new Quizzing schedule.

My BQ binder on my desk, ready to be studied

I started quizzing when I was four years old, now I’m 13, so if you’re doing the math, this is my 9th year in quizzing. I literally don’t remember life without Bible Quizzing! That’s why knowing these 300 verses is such a big deal for me, because in all my years of quizzing, that’s never happened before.

The verse I studied to make this record was Isaiah 56:7.

Isaiah 56:7, my 300th verse of the 2018-2019 Bible Quizzing season

I believe that studying my 300th verse is just one of the great victories my team and I will enjoy this season, another one is studying my 400th verse. But that’s coming a little later.

Until next time, stay smart 🙂

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