Yes, Maryland again

We visited Maryland again for the second time in about 3 weeks. Wow! Well, I do love traveling, so yeah.

The day we left, Joel’s teammates Jacob and Rebecca arrive at our house around 7am so they could ride with us to MD. Unfortunately, their mom had to work that day.

The ride. What a ride! It took 6 hours! Honestly though, it felt more like seven.

Finally! We reached the Christian Life Center of Ijamsville, MD. Seriously, if any of you guys are near that area, you should really check it out. This was literally the BIGGEST CHURCH I’VE EVER SEEN!!!! The entire foyer was about ten times the size of our whole church, the entry foyer, lol!

We came very late so we missed orientation, but when we quizzed (we as in my brother and his team) we won our first match!!! This was new for me, because I have never just watched quizzes without preparing to go up next. Now that I’m a senior quizzer, it’s kind of fun just watching my brother quiz in the Beginner division, no stress… well, there was some stress… actually it was pretty stressful for me because I really wanted them to do well.

We lost our second match on Friday to Colorado. But Joel and his teammates took it well enough. Afterwards we went back to the hotel to get ready for church.

Here’s a picture of our room, that’s Jacob and Rebecca having a fun time running all over the room.

Friday night service! Here’s something a lot of people don’t know about me; my favorite part of these Extravaganzas are the CRUSADES! Praise and worship especially. I really enjoy these services. We actually got there early, which was surprising, so we even got to see the praise team practice a little bit.

Actually a lot of people came early…

Praise and worship was AmAzInG!!! You’re probably thinking, uh duh, she said it’s her favorite. But, trust me, had you been there, you would say the same thing.

At the end of the service, when the preacher asked all the children who had just been filled, or refilled, with the gift of the Holy Ghost, 39 kids came forward! To God be the glory!

Back at the hotel, I actually slept in the room with Jacob, Rebecca and their mom because there were not enough beds in my family’s room.

OK, fast-forwarding to the next day at breakfast. OK, here we are. We ordered food from the Bistro at the hotel because we were running late, AGAIN. But I think it was delicious. Here’s what I got:

Avocado toast with a side of an arugula salad and hard boiled eggs. My Mom also got me coconut water, yummm

It was sooooo good!! Literally every time we go to this hotel, I get this meal for breakfast.

After breakfast it was time to quiz. The reason we came here. To win, or so we thought. After winning our third game on Saturday, we lost our forth game to Mount, Vernon, NY. It was a tough loss. That meant we were going home.

Beginner team POY vs. an Ontario team

So, a lot happened after this but to keep things short, we went to Golden Corral, an all you can eat buffet and ate there. I had a lot of junk food and some ice cream and cookies for dessert. Don’t worry, I’ll be exercising today.

The ride home was a long sad one. But then my Mom got a call; Joel had won a fifth place trophy! Sadly, we weren’t there to receive it because we weren’t expecting anything because we were creamed in our last match. But on Sunday we picked it up from some friends who were also at the competition ant lived nearby. Hard work really does pay off! And who knows, maybe we’ll do even better in nationals.

Thanks for coming along with us on this last trip 🙂 I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. As always, stay smart!

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