Bible Quizzing, Babysitting, and Everything else…

This week, has been amazing so far. There has been little school!!! And it’s all because my mom has been busy preparing my little brother for his Bible Quizzing tournament that’s coming up this weekend. That has its difficulties as well, but, I’ve been enjoying myself.

Although I haven’t done much school this week, I was charged by my Mom to finish up all the papers I have due soon, she will be turning in all our work to the school district pretty soon.

I think the only paper I had to do was a book report. So, that was easy. Just one paragraph, then I’m free. Well, I think. (It was for the hiding place, by Corrie Ten Boom. What an amazing book! I’d recommend it to anyone looking for a good book to read.)

But about my brother and his team’s competition. This is EXTREMELY important. If they do well here, we get to go to Nationals, which is soooo fun. I told Joel, “Win for me, if for no one else!” Of course he thinks I’m crazy but I really want to go, maybe even more than him.

But even if they don’t go to Nationals, my family will still be going to Missouri for my brother and I’s Senior Bible Quizzing Nationals and YOUTH CONGRESS!!!! So excited about that. (BTW, I know this post is all over the place LOL, that’s why its called Bible Quizzing, Babysitting, and Everything else…)

Now, back to the present. We’ve actually been watching Joel’s teammates after they come from school. This has been…interesting. Let’s just say, they love to play and its difficult to get their attention. But they are so adorable and fun to be around.

The main reason they’re here is to finish preparing and practice for their upcoming competition on Friday.–That post should be out on Monday. Right now, there are some things they need to work on, but I’m confident that with a little more practice, we’ll do very well.

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