Senior Extravaganza Overload

We just came back from our first Senior Bible Quizzing Extravaganza and what a weekend it was. Although we wish we could’ve done a little better, we’re still hopeful for the future. Besides, we have four months to prepare for nationals. By then, I’m sure we would have reached our goal. (I’ll elaborate during this post.) Even though we have not won a team trophy, my family and I quite enjoyed this competition. I made a new friend, learned more about quizzing, and got closer to the LORD. So join me as I tell you about our exciting trip!

So, going back a few days ago we were leaving in out in our BRAND NEW CHURCH VAN!!!! We had just gotten it the day before and we’re very excited after all of the fu draining efforts.

The ride. What a ride! I believe it took about five hours with only one test stop for bathrooms and food.

So, when we got there I actually forgot to take pictures 🤦‍♀️. So now pictures for Thursday night! Sorry!

Day two, Friday, took a lot of pictures today.

After playing three games, we lost our last one placing at 5th. We thought we could’ve done better but we’re grateful for the opportunity to play.

Friday night we had such a great time in the LORD. The praise and worship, preaching, and prayer was very anointed and we were truly blessed!

After the service, I also made a new friend from Maryland.

Saturday, we went to watch the remaining matches, although we knew we didn’t win a trophy. But in the end, we were very happy we went. Here’s why:

I was the highest scoring individual!! Now, everyone in my family, except my dad thought that we wouldn’t get anything so this was a great surprise.

Here’s a closeup, my Dad was a little far when he took the picture.

We Bible Quizzers, the future of the church

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Learn it, Quiz it, Live it

The Bible Quizzing moto

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