Our Night at Hibachi

Hello readers and welcome back to the A+ Girl blog. Wow, it has really been a while. I have actually been working on some other posts but never got to publish them. Maybe I’ll get to them a little later. But anyways, on Sunday afternoon, we went to a Hibachi restaurant. Our friend’s mom is actually the owner so it’s always fun to go there. We had a really great time there on Sunday!

So let’s start with the appetizers

For the appetizers I had soup and salad. We actually had crab ran goon before this but I didn’t get to take a picture. I’m not sure if this is considered an appetizer, but if you’re wondering what drink I got, I decided to go with seltzer water and lemon. (Afterwards I always eat the lemon and my brother John thinks I’m crazy. :)\

And now for the scariest part of hibachi. When they set the whole stove thingy on fire. Honestly you should have seen me while I was taking the picture, I was leaned so far back I could have fallen out of my chair. LOL!!!

The next fire wasn’t scary at all. It was also very entertaining to see our chef build the onion tower.


After being here a few times, I finally found my go to order. Scallop and shrimp. It was absolutely delicious. But for some reason, a bunch of people I know don’t like scallops. Comment below if you don’t like scallops. (BTW, I waited until the chef was done cooking everything before I ate, so I could take the perfect picture. You’re welcome :))

Eating hibachi was great. Remember, be sure to check it out. You won’t regret it. And, although this has absolutely nothing to do with school, stay smart everyone!

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