My “Sport”, Bible Quizzing

I do not play any sports… yet. My brother’s basketball coach has been asking me to join the girl’s team (maybe because I’m tall) but I turned her down several times, much to my family’s dismay.

I am not a very athletic person at all. I’m pretty sure that’s the case for most nerds. Recently I’ve been trying to workout every morning. But anyways, I have a “sport” that I actively compete in; it’s called Bible Quizzing! That’s like my “sport”. I usually mention a lot about it in this blog so it makes sense that you all know what I’m talking about.

Bible Quizzing is another thing that I try to get an A+ in. I have been quizzing since I was four years old, right now I’ll be turning 13 in a week or so, that means I’ve been quizzing for about ten years (WoW). Honestly, I can’t even remember life without Bible Quizzing and I think it will be a very sad day when it comes time to hang up the buzzer (figuratively speaking). So, enough with the intro. Let’s get into it!

Basically, before I get into a too detailed description, Bible Quizzing is kind of like a Jeopardy game. I think the only difference is that you have a team. So with that in mind, let’s continue.

Also, all these pictures are from our last competition in Delaware. Some more will be coming soon after our next competition later this month. Alright, really now, I’m done with the intro.

In order to be prepared for a bible quizzing competition, studying the required material is imperative. Based off the material studied, a quiz master will ask questions, if you get the answer correct, you gain points, if not, you lose points.

There are 20 questions and everyone on the quiz board is battling to get one in so their team can come out with the winner. In Bible Quizzing, there are many “buzzer-beaters” and sometimes onlookers will call a game “clutch.” When giving an answer, it must be quoted perfectly. Exactly how the verse says it. If a quizzer fails to do so, it will result in an error and the question being reread to the opposing team.

After this description, I’m sure you’re thinking “this is so difficult!” but actually, I personally think that Bible Quizzing is the most fun Christian competition ever!

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My little brother Joel (left), me (middle), and my older brother Jonny (right) hanging out at the Cheesecake Factory after a long day of quizzing. (Don’t worry, we’re not alone. Our parents are there with us taking our picture)

Something I like about bible quizzing is the competition itself. I am a very competitive person so I love the excitement, stress, and relief of coming off the board that comes with quizzing.

I think that by far, my favorite part of Bible Quizzing would have to be traveling. It feels awesome driving or flying to another state knowing that when you come home, there is a possibility that you will be bringing a trophy with you. It’s also great to make new friends as we’re at our competitions.

The POY senior team wins first place after having 8 wins and 1 loss. To God be the glory!

Bible Quizzing, my sport is an amazingly fun competition with many benefits. Traveling, making new friends, and learning God’s word makes all the hard work of studying pay off. Thanks for reading today’s post and stay tuned for next time! Stay smart! Byeeeeeeeeee!

Thy word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against Thee.

Psalm 119:11

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