Homeschool FAQS

So if you’re not already aware, I think it’s very important for my readers to know  that I’m homeschooled. I know that there are usually a lot of questions asked about homeschooling so I’ll try to answer a few in this post. OK, let’s go!

Here are some FAQS in homeschooling:

  1. Do you have homework?
  2. Do you take tests?
  3. Do you get to sleep late in the mornings?
  4. Does your mom teach you?

I honestly think the question I get asked the most is if I get to sleep late in the mornings. The answer is NO! I actually wake up every morning at 5:00 am (sometimes earlier) to do my devotions and study Bible quizzing.

BTW guys, I know these aren’t in order, lol!!! But another question some people ask me is if my mom teaches me. For me the answer is no, but in many other homeschool cases the answer is yes.

My brothers and I are homeschooled with the Abeka video program so we have our own teachers. However, last year when we didn’t use Abeka, our mom taught us, but most times we read a lot and research a lot and teach ourselves.

The next two, I’ll just answer together. Yes, we do get homework and take tests. Abeka is very much like a private school at home so they do give us tests, quizzes, and homework. (Also book reports, science projects, and Bible verses recitations.)

This is my homework assignment pad

Well, that’s it for today! If you are totally fascinated by homeschooling and need some clarification on any of these answers, please don’t be shy. I love to hear from you.

Thank you all so much for reading and remember to follow this blog! Also, if you have a question that’s not here, please leave a comment below. So, that’s everything, stay smart everyone!

Most people think you have to give up so much to homeschool… In reality… You gain so much more!


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